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Wythenshawe - £2.6m Cenergist

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Wythenshawe – £2.6m Cenergist

This project involved the design and delivery of four plant rooms supporting a local district heating network.  This included an extension of the network to a new 135-flat extra care facility developed by Galliford Try.   Cenergist was responsible for the technical and financial design and managing the project delivery for the external funder.
A particular challenge on this project was the Manchester airport tramway that passed between the sites and was under construction at the time.  This alongside the construction of the Extra Care facility created particular challenges on system design, coordination and site access.
Cenergist worked with the relevant contractors and secured an acceptable project planning and site arrangements so that there was minimal interference between the projects.

picture197The final elements of the Extra Care site will be completed this autumn which will mark the culmination of the project.
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