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Managing water consumption is both difficult and time-consuming.
That’s why we offer you a funded solution to help your tenants reduce their water and energy bills, with your local Water Company acting as a partner – completely free of charge!
Cenergist fits all of the relevant water saving products you need to help you save money and lower your bills, while identify any leaking taps or leaking overflows.
What we do
The landlord/Housing Association and Water Company will be provided with a summary report from Cenergist showing products that have been installed and the associated savings involved.
We offer flexible visits for your convenience. To hear more about the process and time-frame, just give us a call on 0191 2610406 or email

How the water programme works:

  • We arrange for a representative to visit the agreed tenanted areas within a specified timeframe.
  • We can Install a range of water saving applications 
  • Assess whether you are on the correct tariff for your circumstances.
  • Discuss the possibility of a water meter for your property and arrange this with the water company.
  • Manage installation programme from end to end.
  • Liaise with landlord, tenant, and the water company that funds the scheme.

How we helped Miss Miller

Miss Miller in Workington saved over 60 litres of water per day after we installed a range of water-saving applications in her home, supplied by United Utilities, for free. This equated to a saving of over £100 per year.
“I am very happy with the water savings I am making as a result of the water saving programme. Cenergist’s contractors were courteous and professional whilst carrying out the works and the programme has a made a difference to the way I use water”.
– Miss Miller
To find out more, please contact Cenergist on 0191 2610406 or email