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How it works

• Patented technology using high quality components with long-term durability – warrantied for 10 years.
• Regardless of the input flow rate of the water, Showersmart regulates the output rate at a mere 7.8 litres per minute.
• Consumer tests have shown that 7.8 litres per minute is sufficient to give a comfortable and powerful shower whilst using less water and energy.

Great shower experience

Showersmart HL2024 provides a great shower experience that also delivers savings in water, energy and carbon emissions. Regardless of the input flow rate and water pressure, the output is maintained at 7.8 litres per minute rather than the usual 12-14 litres per minute.

Energy Saving

The average shower uses 12-14 litres of water each minute. Showersmart HL2024 reduces this to 7.8 litres/minute which still ensures a comfortable shower. By using less hot water, the householder can save water and energy and reduce their bills by an average of £60 per annum.

Tested and certified

Showersmart HL2024 has been tested and certified by the Dutch KIWA Institute, France’s ACS and the UK’s BRE. It is manufactured in Holland and comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Showersmart HL2024 has been independently tested against competitor products by KIWA and the HL2024 has been found to be the only product to deliver pressure independence.

Customer Satisfaction

Our product has gained 98% customer satisfaction thanks to its patented pressure independent system. Showersmart HL2024 is easy to fit and requires no previous DIY experience. Showersmart HL2024 is available on Amazon or you can contact Cenergist direct.


Provides a great shower experience that also reduces water wastage and carbon emissions.

Pressure Independence – KIWA       

KIWA is a Dutch test house and water institute. Showersmart is the only technology of its kind to be certified and sanctioned by KIWA as being pressure independent and delivering 7.8 litres of water per minute. This ensures critical comfort and enjoyable shower for the user. Other regulators may struggle to manage the shower flow if the pressure within the building suffers from fluctuations, therefore
making the user experience uncomfortable and unenjoyable. KIWA certification is a critical factor in water saving success as it both guarantees a comfortable, reduced flow (so you begin to see your savings) and of course, customer satisfaction.

• KIWA is a respected Dutch test house and water institute.
• Certified Showersmart as delivering 7.8 l/m flow rate despite fluctuations in the input water pressure.
• Only flow regulator to be certified as such by KIWA.
• Pressure independence is critical in ensuring user comfort and acceptance.
• Water usage within the building and nearby water network creates constant pressure fluctuations
• The reduced flow from water regulator makes such variations more noticeable
• Regulators can often struggle to manage flow in such circumstances creating user discomfort
• Showersmart is pressure independent ensuring a great user experience while still saving water.


1 Fits easily on to the shower and regulates the amount of water consumed to 7.8 litres per minute.

2 A long term smart meter pilot in Germany showed that for the average household of 3.54 people, Showersmart delivered water savings of 5.89 m3 per year.

3 User satisfaction with Showersmart was found to be over 98%.

4 For commercial applications such as hotels, average occupancy for medium hotel group was found to be 1.21 persons per room. For each hotel room, Showersmart would deliver water savings of 2.01m3 per annum.

Showersmart is a patented technology certified by both KIWA and BRE. It is warranted for 10 years and can save up to £60 per annum on your household bills.