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At Cenergist, we offer bespoke LED lighting solutions, tailored to your project requirements and expectations.
We have the capability to deliver any project, irrespective of size or type, from start to finish. We manage the project from the initial survey through to the supply and installation of lighting systems, and we have access to a number of suppliers, allowing us to deliver the most cost-effective solution possible.
We are proud to offer a private lease finance option to our clients, removing the requirement for any capital investment. This means that because of the energy savings from the new LED lights, we are able to offset the monthly repayments, allowing our clients to keep their money in their pockets.
Our Carbon Trust accreditation gives us access to government grants for up to 30% of the project cost depending on eligibility, which further increases the savings.

Benefits of LED


Energy Efficiency
LEDs are extremely energy efficient
and consume up to 90% less
power than incandescent bulbs.

Life Span
LEDs have an expected lifespan of
50,000 hours. That’s 5 times more than
a typical incandescent bulb.

LEDs are more robust as they
do not contain fragile components, making
them ideal for rough conditions.

Reduced Heat Emissions
Unlike incandescent lighting, LED do not emit heat, making them ideal for lighting display in retail and the food and drink industry.
Cold Environments
LED performance improves at low temperatures making them ideal for cold environments.
LEDs can be dimmed to 10% of light output while displaying a range of colours and warmth to distribute the required level of lighting.