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The HL2024 Inline Flow Regulator is the only flow regulator certified by KIWA as pressure independent. It ensures that water flow is constant, whatever the upstream pressure variation.  It operates across a range from 2 to 10 bar with a flow rate accuracy of +/-2% .

HL2024 operates as an automatic balancing valve, making almost instantaneous internal adjustments in order to stabilise the ouput flow in fluctuating pressure.

This independence from upstream pressure fluctuations provides more accurate system control under part load conditions and reduces commissioning time, compared with traditional manual balancing valves.

The HL2024 valve provides a constant water flow regardless of upstream pressure variation across its operating range from 2 to 16 bar, with an accuracy against set flowrate of ±2%.

 Ensuring continuous pressure independence and specified flow rates, our highly accurate flow regulators can be adapted to meet the demands of your business. Guaranteeing a specified flow rate output contributes to significant water and energy economies and Increases the efficiencies of your business.

 Independence from upstream pressure fluctuations provides more accurate system control under part load conditions, and reduces commissioning time ,compared with traditional manual balancing valves.

Performance is unaffected by  temperature or exposure to high pressure.

Inline: Located inside the water distribution point, this device efficiently reduces flow rates to 7.8 litres per minute, regardless of upstream pressure, and will regulate the flow in all applications, from sloped to level  surfaces. It has 15mm inline compression fittings with a length of 40mm.

 Cradle: Interior flow rates can be adjusted to meet your requirements from 5 – 54.5 litres per minute. The cradle still ensures complete pressure independence regardless of specified flow rate or upstream pressure.


Acompletely pressure independent flow regulator with no pressure fluctuations during multiple use.
Currently used for household, industrial or commercial applications within many different applications.By installing HL2024, water consumption is reduced and regulates flow within its pressure range which reduced and regulates flow within its pressure range which improves water saving efficiencies at a lower overall cost.


1 Complete pressure independence as certified by KIWA.  Constant flow regardless of upstream pressure variation, with an operating range of 2-16 bar.

2 Brass exterior offering a long term, dependable solution and low maintenance.
Chemical-resistant body for extended durability, even in mining applications.

3 Flow rate accuracy of +/- 2% (industry average +/- 10%) allowing for better system control.

4 Versatile installation options for effective irrigation across diverse applications.


Certified as pressure independent by KIWA to BRL-K635/03 standard

Also certified to the following standards:
• Netherlands – KIWA Hyienic Aspects – Regulations • UK – WRAS (including BS 6920 release) • France – ACS • Germany – W270, KTW Guideline

and UBA Metal
Evaluation Criteria

Casing manufactured
from high quality
brass incorporating
HL2024 Inside

15mm inline
compression fittings
– length 40mm

Flow rate 7.8litres/
minute and rated
pressure range
2-16 bar

Manufactured in
the Netherlands
and Patented in
29 countries


New Build Water Systems
By providing exact control over water flows into each area of a building, HL2024 can allow engineers to avoid the need for expensive DPCs and substantially reduce comissioning time.
Hotels and Residential Blocks
By controlling both cold and hot water flow into each bathroom, HL2024 can improve the performance of systems and reduce water wastage. _These efficiencies reduce running costs so noticeably that most hotels find that the system has paid for itself within 9 months of operation.
Domestic Households
The use of HL2024 to control hot water in the bathroom can dramatically reduce water wastage,with significant cost saving benefits.This is why it has been installed in over 6 million households in Europe.
Aircraft Preparation
By providing a fine and even flow. HL2024 reduces the water wastage and time taken to wash and prepare the external surface of an aircraft. The system was developed in conjunction with KLM and is used by the airline at its base in Schipol, Amsterdam.
Air Conditioning
HL2024 can control the cold water variation expelled from air-conditioning units, making it more energy efficient.
Hospitals and Care Homes
In healthcare environments, there is a strong requirement to manage the risk from legionella. The bacterium can be found in water supplies and is dangerous if inhaled through the water mist created by some ECO-showerheads. There is no such risk associated with HL2024 so it is therefore suitable for residential healthcare facilities, reducing water wastage and saving money while providing safe and hygienic conditions for patients.
The HL2024 can be inserted at a number of different points in irrigation systems, including pipe entry and distribution outlets. Owing to its certified pressure independence, HL2024 is perfect for sloped or level irrigation practices, working, as always, within your specified flow rates.
Water Mains
Regulating the flow rate and pressure of the municipal water supply allows for better control – in terms of both cost and wastage. Minimising a community’s water wastage is good for the environment and good for your bottom line.