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Hackney Homes

Full analysis of the communal boiler plant installations in the LB of Hackney to determine opportunities to reduce operation costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

The work identified an opportunity to upgrade 59 installations through a control upgrade, reducing the gas consumption in each plant room by at least 10% or else a full refund would be provided. Cenergist was asked to carry out the works and these were complete by 31 January 2013.

The savings achieved were measured from a sample of the boiler plant rooms where individual gas meters were installed. This data was used to determine the savings for the whole installation package. The work was reviewed and savings agreed by an independent technical monitoring agent employed by the LB Hackney’s energy partner.

The installation remains in place and is warranted for 3 years from date of install.


• Duration of savings guaranteed: 5 years
• Level of guaranteed savings per annum: 10% of gas consumption equivalent to £145,000
• Achieved savings per annum (kWh or £): 12% of gas consumption equivalent to £174,000
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