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German Housing Association

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German Housing Association

Showersmart was tested in a long-term trial involving tenanted social housing in Germany.
• Smart meters were installed to measure water usage in the bathroom and kitchen of each household.image2
• User experience and water consumption was monitored over a 6-month period to measure impacts in springautumn
• The product was rejected by one household that was using boosted shower system. Other residents happy with Showersmart.
• Average saving per household of €78 per annum.
• In UK, savings equivalent saving would be £62 per annum.

What did the tenants think

Mr Tasan from Bochum,
Germany said:
“My experience with the installation of Showersmart was good and I do not notice any difference when I take a shower. I would recommend the product to other tenants as it is good value-for-money.
I look forward to seeing the savings in my bill at the end of the year!”

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