About Us
Cenergist is a specialist energy and water efficiency company working in the UK and Europe. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve energy and financial savings across their assets, whether they are in the public or private sector. 
Increasing regulation and rising prices mean that energy has risen up the agenda of organisations in all sectors. At the same time, capital budgets are under ever–greater pressure. The challenge is to bring energy costs under control without incurring additional expenditure.
At Cenergist we understand this challenge. With decades of collective experience, we can help you to develop and implement programmes that bring your energy costs under control. With access to external sources, we can obtain funding to help reduce demand on internal resources.
Cenergist has an excellent safety record and fully developed policies including Corporate Social Responsibility that ensures that our people are treated fairly and equitably. 
We have enjoyed continual and steady growth since Cenergist’s formation and command an exceptionally high level of client and employee retention. 

We are Certified in the following areas